Joint Appointment Procedure with TU Dresden

Fraunhofer IVI strives to intensify its links to the Institute of Automation at the Faculty of Electrical and Computer Enginnering. The university and the institute are seeking to fill the Chair (W3) of Autonomous Systems and the Chair (W3) of Cooperative Systems in a joint appointment procedure.

The Chair (W3) of Autonomous Systems is associated with membership in the Management Board of Fraunhofer IVI and the position is to be filled by October 1, 2021, according to the Karlsruher Modell (Secondary employment model).

In your new role, you will competently represent the main topics in research and teaching as well as in research and technology management towards research sponsors and research partners, and further expand the strategic connection between TU Dresden and the Fraunhofer Institute. You can expect an environment that allows for versatile projects with a high degree of practical relevance and a great deal of creative freedom in research. The board membership at the Fraunhofer IVI includes the scientific, technical and entrepreneurial control and development of the institute within the Fraunhofer model and the Fraunhofer overall strategy.  

The Chair (W3) of Cooperative Systems associated with the Head of the Department »Cooperative Systems« at Fraunhofer IVI is to be filled at the earliest possible date according to the Jülicher Modell (Leave of absence model). 

Heading the department includes the scientific and technical treatment of the topic area in the context of the Fraunhofer model. Your willingness for inter-disciplinary cooperation with other departments of the university as well as with non-university partners is assumed, especially with the aim of developing prototypical structures for the testing and verification of new processes and technologies.  

More detailed information and the responsible contact persons can be found in the documents in the download section.