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Fraunhofer IVI Partner in Several EU-Funded Projects

On May 7th, the EU-funded projects IT2Rail and In2Rail will be officially launched in Brussels. They are two of the four flagship projects meant to establish the technical foundations for the Shift2Rail technology initiative of the European rail industry. While IT2Rail focuses on the services of information, ticketing and booking along transnational travel chains, the main topics of In2Rail are the design, technical construction and maintenance of railway infrastructures. The two projects will unite over 70 partners from the industry, railway companies and research organizations.

The Fraunhofer IVI researchers will contribute their know-how in the fields of information and ticketing services in public transport and infrastructure management and maintenance planning.

Another new European Union research and innovation project launched in May 2015 is TARGET (Training Augmented Reality Generalised Environment Toolkit). The project, bringing together the expertise of 16 organisations, will jointly deliver a pan-European serious gaming platform featuring new tools, techniques and content for training and assessing skills and competencies of Security Critical Agents (SCAs), including counterterrorism units, border guards and first responders (police, firefighters, ambulance services, civil security agencies or critical infrastructure operators).

As the second largest technical partner within the project, the Fraunhofer IVI is responsible for major parts of the overall system architecture development. In addition to this conceptual work, the institute will develop the actual core of the training system: the simulator. Moreover, the institute will take over tasks of integrating components designed jointly by several project partners into the system.

Fraunhofer IVI is the Project Coordinator of INFRALERT (Linear Infrastructure Efficiency Improvement by Automated Learning and Optimised Predictive Maintenance Techniques), a three-year project that has officially started in the beginning of May. The main objective is to develop an expert-based information system to support and automate linear asset infrastructure management for infrastructure such as rail or road networks.  

The condition of the land transport infrastructure highly influences the societal and economic competiveness of a region. While the demand for surface transport will significantly increase in the next years, a substantial rising of the financial resources for enlarging and maintaining infrastructure networks is not in sight.

In order to still meet the increasing demands, INFRALERT aims at optimising the performance of existing infrastructure.

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