Fast-Charging Electric Bus

...fully electric bus operation according to the DockingPrinciple

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HandyTicket Deutschland

...convenient, mobile and cash-free ­­­­­­­­- buy your public transport tickets via mobile phone

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E-Bike »VeloCité«

...riding pleasure and efficiency

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...mobility in situations of high risk and catastrophe

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Octocopter HORUS

...flying sensor platform for the acquisition of measuring data

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Public Transport Navigation

...a reliable companion in unknown public transport networks

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AutoTram® Extra Grand

...high-tech in-between a bus and a tram

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autartec® self-sufficient life on the water

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Kick-Off Heat2Go

October 19, 2016

On October 19, the research project »Heat2Go« started at the Fraunhofer IVI. The project aims to develop a new and efficient heating system for all-electric city buses. With the system, key problems should be solved, 100% zero-emission will be achieved and the inhibition threshold for using electric buses is supposed to be reduced. Aurora and Konvekta, two experts in the field of air-conditioning of utility vehicles are involved to help  form this innovation and convert it into a sellable product.

The Project is financially supported by the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure.

EmiD Project Closing Event

The closing event for the »EmiD – Elektromobilität in Dresden« project with its accompanying workshop for vehicle fleet managers was held on September 26 in the great plenary room of the Dresden city hall.

After the official greetings delivered by mayor Eva Jähnigen, councilwoman for the environment and municipal economy, and Dr. Lutz Bryja, department head with the Saxon State Ministry for Economic Affairs (SMWA), Labor and Transport, the four project partners had the opportunity to present their results. In his presentation, Sebastian Pretzsch, group manager at the Fraunhofer IVI and official project leader, introduced a newly developed booking system for electric vehicles that includes guaranteed ranges and suggestions for recharging.   

EmiD is one of about 40 projects included in the Bavaria-Saxony ELEKTROMOBILITÄT VERBINDET showcase for electromobility and was funded by the State of Saxony within the scope of the showcase initiative of the German Federal Government.

Eva Jähnigen

Eva Jähnigen

Dr. Lutz Bryja

Dr. Lutz Bryja

Sebastian Pretzsch

Sebastian Pretzsch

IAA Commercial Vehicles

September 22-29, 2016

The Fraunhofer IVI and the Goldhofer AG presented several new developments regarding the planning and approval of of heavy and oversized haulages at the 2016 IAA Commercial Vehicles.  

Among the developments presented was the novel TruckTrix® algorithm that automatically analyzes the trafficability of entire routes, thus offering an objective basis for the approval of shipments. In addition, a joint development of the Fraunhofer IVI and a Fraunhofer spin-off enterprise was introduced that provides TruckTrix® and other useful tools for an intuitive, reliable and fast online planning process.


The Fraunhofer booth at the InnoTrans 2016

The Fraunhofer booth at the InnoTrans 2016

Aspects such as the saving of material, flexible manufacturing and good user comfort are increasingly gaining importance in the field of railroad vehicles. The layout of railway cars can be optimized on the basis of analyses and simulations of passenger flows inside the vehicles. The mass-reduced manufacturing of side panels with individual door cut-outs can be realized by using low-distortion laser welding and fully connected integral processes. At the InnoTrans 2016 trade fair, the Fraunhofer IVI and the Fraunhofer IWS from Dresden presented technological solutions for the simulation of passenger flows and for highly efficient manufacturing methods based on low-heat laser welding.  

InnoTrans, being a leading international trade fair for traffic and transportation engineering, was held from September 20 to 23, 2016 in Berlin.

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