Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Systems

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The integration of fuel cell systems in vehicles is a great challenge, especially in commercial application fields such as trucks, public service buses, coaches, as well as machines used in agriculture and construction.

Fraunhofer IVI supports their clients and partners from the abovementioned sectors during the essential steps in the implementation of hybrid propulsion solutions involving fuel cell systems.


High-performance design tools allow the ideal dimensioning of entire powertrains, fuel cell systems and the vehicles' internal energy storage units.


Operating strategies

In order to monitor and control their efficiency, lifespan and costs, expensive components such as traction batteries and fuel cell systems require optimal operating conditions.

At Fraunhofer IVI, diverse operating strategies are developed for a wide range of applications with the aim of ensuring the components' optimal operation in the target application.


Integration and control

At the institute, powertrains of test vehicles and vehicle prototypes are set up, initialized and tested. The service offer extends as far as the functional integration of components and systems in the target vehicles.



Hydrogen systems often require higher safety levels in terms of the respective machine's functional and operational safety. Therefore, the institute also supports their partners and clients during the safety assessment process and in deriving and implementing safety measures.

Services in Detail

Telemetry and operating strategies

  • Simulation and design of complex hybrid powertrains, ranging from passenger cars to mainline trains
  • Modeling of traction batteries and fuel cell systems
  • Development of economical, efficient and low-wear operating strategies for hybrid vehicles

Vehicle engineering

  • Assembly and set-up of prototypes of electric as well as hybrid commercial and special-purpose vehicles including agricultural robots
  • Developments in the field of functional safety of vehicles according to ISO 26262

Charging infrastructure and energy supply concepts

  • Development of automated contacting systems with a charging capacity of up to several Megawatts
  • Creation of energy and power supply concepts for commercial applications and vehicle fleets

Networks and Partners

Fraunhofer IVI is a member of the following networks:

HZwo e. V.

The HZwo innovation cluster promotes the topics fuel cells and green hydrogen, and it maintains a comprehensive value-adding network within the Free State of Saxony.

HYPOS Hydrogen Power Storage & Solutions e. V.

HYPOS is a network created for all interested stakeholders of hydrogen economy and the main contact for questions regarding green hydrogen in central Germany and beyond.