Fast-Charging Electric Bus

...fully electric bus operation according to the DockingPrinciple

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HandyTicket Deutschland

...convenient, mobile and cash-free ­­­­­­­­- buy your public transport tickets via mobile phone

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E-Bike »VeloCité«

...riding pleasure and efficiency

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...mobility in situations of high risk and catastrophe

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Octocopter HORUS

...flying sensor platform for the acquisition of measuring data

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Public Transport Navigation

...a reliable companion in unknown public transport networks

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AutoTram® Extra Grand

...high-tech in-between a bus and a tram

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autartec® self-sufficient life on the water

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Namaste Battery Buses!

© Fraunhofer IVI

About 17 million inhabitants, over 5,000 buses – the dimensions of public transport in India’s capital Delhi far exceed the local conditions. The Fraunhofer IVI supports Delhi Integrated Multi-Modal Transit System Ltd. in the conversion of about 1,000 of their vehicles to battery-electric propulsion. In addition to carrying out operation potential analyses with the help of energy balances, the institute will also dimension the charging infrastructure (both charging devices and charging stations). Furthermore, they will compare different operation concepts and their corresponding charging concepts. Among other things, the electric buses are supposed to contribute to the significant improvement of Delhi’s air quality from 2020 on.

67th IAA Commercial Vehicles

© Fraunhofer IVI

IAA Commercial Vehicles is the world’s leading trade show for transportation, logistics and mobility. This year’s event took place from September 20 to 27, and the Fraunhofer IVI was present at two different booths. At the Orten Electric Trucks booth, the institute introduced its AutoTruck, an e-truck that is able to drive autonomously in automation zones. In addition, it presented the web app in collaboration with CodeSquare.

The element connecting both technologies is the TruckTrix® algorithm that automatically calculates collision-free and manageable maneuvers for vehicles based on digital maps. TruckTrix® is implemented as a web service on the platform. It executes fully automated trafficability analyses for large and heavy goods transports, proving its capability in regular operation on a daily basis. The AutoTruck relies on TruckTrix® to flexibly plan its routes in real-time in yards, port facilities and distribution centers.

The successful presence at IAA Commercial Vehicles served to significantly increase both technologies’ customer base and accessibility.


autartec®-FreiLichtHaus Marina on Lake Bergheide Handed Over

October 1, 2018

© Fraunhofer IVI

On October 1, 2018, the marina on Lake Bergheide was handed over to the Kleine Elster regional administration center in a formal ceremony. In their speeches, the responsible authorities looked back on the exciting and challenging time starting with the idea and reaching over the allocation of funds to the construction of the infrastructure and marina in synergy with the innovative autartec®-FreiLichtHaus. This way, regional lighthouse projects are established that generate innovations and are provide a living experience to the population, thus promoting the process of structural change. Kathrin Schneider, Brandenburg's Minister of Infrastrucutre and Transport Planning, also emphasized the project's importance for the landscape's after use. After the official documents were signed, there was the opportunity to visit both the marina and the basic structure of the autartec®-FreiLichtHaus. In addition, the region's further potential was discussed.

Link to the press release (in German; website of the Ministry for Infrastructure and Regional Development of the State of Brandenburg)


© Fraunhofer IVI
© Fraunhofer IVI
© Fraunhofer IVI

Connected Driving Presented at IEEE 5G Summit

September 25, 2018

© Fraunhofer IVI

On September 25, the 5G Summit jointly organized by the 5G Lab Germany and IEEE was held at the International Congress Center Dresden. More than 500 visitors from industry and research exchanged ideas in emerging telecommunication technologies.

Within the Saxon »Synchrone Mobilität 2023« (Synchronized Mobility) initiative, the Fraunhofer IVI presented recent research results in the field of autonomous traffic and maneuver control using Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X) communication. The institute took the opportunity to showcase two fully autonomous robots that share information about their own status and environmental perception to coordinate their routes in conjunction with a roadside unit (RSU). Within a decentralized coordination scenario, the robots were able to pass an intersection without stopping by adjusting their speeds depending on the other's position. In a second scenario, the RSU virtually transmitted messages about traffic light phases to enable an infrastructure-based coordination.

Presentation of »ColumBus« Innovator at InnoTrans

Berlin, September 18-21, 2018

© Fraunhofer IVI
© Fraunhofer IVI

eBus-Cluster is a project of the INDUS development bank with the aim of making electromobility in public transport energy and resource efficient without having to give up comfort and information features such as infotainment, air-conditioning, etc.

Within the project, the Fraunhofer IVI is responsible for scientific monitoring and takes a leads the research activities in the field of Internet of Things, meaning the networking of systems. All solutions developed within the project have been integrated by Bus Trailer Service GmbH into an electric bus provided by the Fraunhofer IVI.

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