Autonomous Systems

Automation has been an ongoing mega-trend in literally all industry domains for decades – the motivations for use are always similar: improving efficiency, safety, quality and scale. Starting in well-defined environments, automation has expanded to increasingly complex applications and environments. Currently, it is used for mobile machines in agriculture, mining and factory yards. This trend toward automating mobile machines will continue for decades. More and more use cases will be covered as algorithms, sensors, communication, actuation, control, safety and regulations are improved step by step. In many cases, disconnected or isolated robots and mobile machines are only half the job – you also must operate them efficiently. This is where our technologies come into play.



helyOS® Control Tower Software Framework for Mobile Machines

  • Control and Monitor your Mobile Machines

TruckTrix® Motion Planning and Control

  • Cutting-Edge Motion Planning and Control

Application Areas


Data Systems and Travel Assistance

  • Data and Service Platforms for Mobility Applications
  • Mobility Data Space
  • Assistance Systems

Cooperation and Infrastructure Assistance


Synchronized Mobility

  • Synchronized Automated Driving in Urban Areas
  • Communication Technologies for Intelligent Transport Systems
  • Cross-Transport Mode Warning and Support System for Cyclists

Automated Agriculture

  • Fraunhofer lighthouse project »Cognitive Agriculture« (short: »COGNAC«)
  • Smart Weed Control
  • Project Feldschwarm®



  • Demonstration of a Fully Automated Operating Sequence in Automation Zones
  • Environment Recognition and Object Detection
  • Retention of Approval for Public Road Traffic


  • Development of a Safety Concept to Ensure Mixed Operation in Depots with a Minimum Speed of 20 km/h
  • Creation of a Digital Real-Time Image of the Automation Zone

Smart Intersection

  • Infrastructural Traffic Safety
  • Cooperative Driving Maneuvers
  • Use of KI-Based Systems to Detect Traffic Situations, analyze Traffic Hazards and to Control Traffic Flow


  • Digitalization: Data Platform (Agricultural Data Space)
  • Biosphere Monitoring
  • Automation: Autonomous Field Robots


  • Realization of Swarm Movements
  • Coordination and Monitoring of Swarm Units Using helyOS®
  • Development of Innovative Electrical Drive Trains for Field Swarm Units


  • Energy Efficient VTOL-Glider
  • Cognitive Flight Control and Self-Awareness 
  • Large-Scale Production of Lightweight Constructions