Vehicle Control and Sensor Systems

Lane Guidance for Vehicles

Testing of the lane detection and guidance system using the ELENA test vehicle

Automated Transportation of Passengers and Goods

In internal transport situations, it may be especially necessary to automatically guide vehicles for conveying persons or materials along a fixed path or lane. The Fraunhofer IVI developed an automated lane guidance system that detects the fixed path with the help of sensors and uses automated steering maneuvers to keep the vehicle on its path.

Steering of Multi-Axle Vehicles

Better Maneuverability Through Steer-By-Wire Systems

The demand for very long vehicles with high transport capacity is increasing steadily. In order to ensure their maneuverability, these vehicles are often equipped with multi-axle steering systems, more precisely, with electronic steer-by-wire systems. Since 2002, the Fraunhofer IVI has been developing multi-axle steer-by-wire systems, most recently for very long double articulated buses.

Test Platforms

Test Vehicle AutoTram®

AutoTram® and ELENA

The two test platforms are used to study different steering strategies in real vehicles. The AutoTram® has the same structure as an articulated bus and is additionally designed for the testing of alternative propulsion systems. ELENA (the abbreviation stands for electronically steerable trailer vehicle) consists of a towing vehicle and two trailers and can be used for precisely reproducable steering maneuvers.


Automated Trafficability Analysis

Oversized and heavy goods transports exceed the permitted maximum values regarding their measurements and axle loads. In addition, their routes must be planned carefully and approved by an institution. The TruckTrix® software developed at the Fraunhofer IVI is able for the first time to automatically assess whether narrow passages are trafficable with a specific combination of heavy goods vehicle and cargo.