Vehicle and Road Safety

Research and development work on vehicle and road safety focuses on the prevention of accidents as well as the minimization of accident consequences in road traffic. In order to adequately evaluate safety measures and derive development potential from real accidents, an up-to-date and comprehensive accident database is required.

The accident database operated by the Fraunhofer IVI contains traffic accident data based on police reports from at least four German states. In combination with data from other in-depth accident databases, the information anonymously provided here forms the basis for in-depth accident analyses and detailed evaluations as well as the simulated evaluation of driver assistance systems and future highly automated driving functions.

In the field of accident prevention, the Fraunhofer IVI particularly focuses on interactive formats for vulnerable road users. With the help of experimental learning approaches and the joint analysis of real accident scenarios, the awareness among children and teenagers towards the dangers of road traffic can be increased and accidents can thus be avoided in the long term.

Traffic Psychology and Accident Prevention


FAPS – Fraunhofer IVI Accident Prevention School


Accident researchers, engineers and psychologists are working together in FAPS to develop the accident prevention of the future. The aim is to improve traffic education through the intelligent use of Smart Data and to individualize it for specific schools, thus increasing road safety.

In-Depth Analysis of the Accident Statistics of Older Drivers


This project will study how often age-related changes play a role in the occurrence of accidents in general, which causes are particularly relevant to accidents and how the significance of these age-related changes in the occurrence of accidents increases or decreases over the course of a person's life.

Accident Simulation


Scenario-Based Platform for the Inspection of Automated Driving Functions


The SePIA platform integrates real scenarios with comprehensive accident data, information from accident reconstruction reports as well as vehicle data and video recordings. 


3-Dimensional EES Model Based On Accidents and Crash Tests


In order to generate more safety even in previously untested zones and collision constellations, there is a need for the scientifically based identification and definition of weak points in the passive safety of current passenger car models.

Generation of Simulation Files from PCM Data with X2openPASS


How can simulation files that comply with the new openPASS standard be generated from PCM data?

The Fraunhofer IVI investigated this question in the »Feasibility Study for X2openPASS« in 2017. In the X2openPASS follow-up projects, a tool is now being developed with which this data can be referenced and corrected and the two simulation files can be created and also corrected for each individual case. 

Accident Scenarios for the »DEKRA Lausitzring« Test Field


In the future, the »DEKRA Lausitzring« test field will be used not only to carry out currently standardized vehicle tests but also to conduct new types of tests on current and future driver assistance systems and highly automated systems. The project »UsTra – Accident Scenario Related Test Tracks« will investigate how the road infrastructure of the test field must be designed in order to cover representative accident scenarios and/or critical traffic scenarios. 

Data Collection for Traffic Scenario Modeling


Analysis and Investigation Method for All Traffic Scenarios – AIMATS


Developed in cooperation with Toyota Europe, AIMATS is a method for collecting traffic data which are used in the modeling of traffic scenarios for assessing vehicle trajectories. 


Traffic Safety in Municipalities


The SiGMa project (Statistic Modeling of Accident Probability for the Assessment of Traffic Safety in Municipalities) focuses on the development of safety potentials for statistical municipalities. By modeling the accident occurrence, municipalities with very high accident frequency will be identified and decisive factors influencing the number of accidents will be derived. 

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2023 Adapting and enhancing V2X communication to agricultural machinery to address road safety via C-ITS
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Conference Paper
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