Vehicle and Road Safety

Driving Simulator – Road

Simulating New Technologies

Whether new vehicle technologies can be implemented successfully depends essentially on how well the drivers are willing and able to handle the new systems. With the help of driving simulators, the probable acceptance of new systems can be assessed even in an early development state.



Statistical Driver Model for Accident Simulation

Evaluating the Efficacy of Modern Safety Systems

In order to be able to assess the efficacy of modern safety systems with warning indicators by way of simulation, the driver has to be included in the simulation. Using a driver model describing the reaction time and intensity of different drivers can be the solution for the problem.

Pre‐Crash Analysis of Accidents Involving Turning Trucks and Bicyclists

Development of Accidents Involving Bicycles and Turning Trucks

It is possible to simulate the period immediately before an accident by using a pre-crash matrix (PCM). The Fraunhofer IVI modified the PCM so that the pre-crash period of accidents involvong bicycles and turning trucks can now also be simulated. Although this kind of accident is not frequent, the resulting injuries are often especially severe.