Vehicle Technologies

Systems Integration for Vehicles

Feasibility Assessment Service

With an overview over current developments and trends in vehicle technology, it is possible to assess the feasibility of an undertaking and to analyze the costs and other expenditures. On the basis of concrete customer demands, the Fraunhofer IVI will determine the detailed specifications of the complete system and give support for obtaining price quotations.

Air Conditioning Systems for City Buses

Optimzing the Auxiliaries for More Efficiency

In order to raise the efficiency of city buses and to lower their CO2 emissions, it is necessary to improve all energy consumers, including the auxiliary components. Because the air conditioning system (A/C) is one of the most important auxiliary components, the Fraunhofer IVI designs and tests concepts for A/C systems in the field of electromobility.


Simulation of Passenger Interchange Processes in Buses and Trams

Starting point of a passenger interchange process using the example of the AutoTram® Extra Grand

Optimal Interior Design

The passenger interchange time makes up a significant part of the total travel time of buses and trams, especially in times of high utilization. Within a research and development project, the Fraunhofer IVI developed a simulation tool that is able to determine which technological interior design facilitates optimal passenger interchange processes.