Research Fields

Working on a wide range of topics in various research fields, the Fraunhofer IVI is well-equipped to face the important challenges of our time.

Intelligent Transport and Mobility Systems

Data Systems and Travel Assistance

  • Mobile public transport navigation
  • Traffic-oriented GIS systems and data integration
  • Concepts for the mobility of the future
  • Digitalization in rural areas

Ticketing and Fares

  • Electronic and mobile ticketing
  • Innovative tariff systems for public transport and revenue calculation
  • Modeling and simulation of tariff systems

Transportation Systems/ Transport Planning

  • Transport network models and operation concepts for public and private transport
  • Lifecycle cost analyses and benefit-cost analyses

Identification of Traffic Situations

  • Data acquisition for road planning
  • Live camera system for traffic data acquisition
  • Detection and prognosis of traffic jams

Transportation Ecology

  • Traffic-related environmental studies
  • Analysis of traffic-related immissions
  • Evaluation of restrictive measures

Synchronized Mobility

  • Highly automated driving
  • Autonomous driving functions
  • Intelligent traffic management
  • Conntected transport mode

Communication, Information, Positioning

  • Communication technologies and systems
  • High-precision positioning
  • Automation

Cooperation and Infrastructure Assistance

  • Analysis and information
  • Communication and cooperation
  • Infrastructure assistance for automated driving functions

Autonomous Systems

helyOS® Control Tower Software Framework

  • Software framework to build application specific online control centers
  • Implementation of generic automation tasks on the vehicle side

Motion Planning and Control

  • Cooperative motion planning, trajectory coordination and disturbance handling

Automated Agriculture

  • Digitalization, smart farming and ecosystems
  • Electrification and automated charging

Urban Air Mobility

Vehicle and Propulsion Technologies

Propulsion Technologies

  • Drivetrain development
  • Alternative propulsion systems (hybrid, electric)
  • Energy management and auxiliary control
  • Operation concepts and consulting

Vehicle Technologies

  • Systems integration for vehicles
  • Air-conditioning concepts
  • Public transport simulation

Vehicle Control and Sensor Systems

  • Automated lane guidance
  • Electronic multi-axle steering systems
  • Test vehicles with measuring equipment
  • Navigability analyses

Vehicle and Road Safety

  • Driving simulation
  • Modeling of accidents
  • Analyses of accident data

Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Systems

  • Telemetry and operating strategies
  • Vehicle engineering
  • Charging infrastructure and energy supply concepts



Autonomous Systems

  • helyOS® Control Tower Software Framework for Mobile Machines
  • TruckTrix® Motion Planning and Control

Vehicle Energy Storage Systems

  • Battery system development
  • Mobile and stationary energy storage systems
  • Grid integration of charging processes

Remote Battery Monitoring

  • SOC and SOH monitoring
  • Safe and secure data transmission and storage
  • User-specific data evaluation

Charging Technologies

  • Energy transmission and infrastructure for public transport vehicles
  • Concepts for the implementation of electric vehicle fleets
  • Accompaniment in the registration of new components

Energy Systems

Self-Sufficient Utility Systems

  • Renewable heat and energy production
  • Energy management
  • Functional integration

Stationary Energy Storage Systems

  • Grid-balancing energy storage
  • Hydrogen production using excess electricity

Energy Supply in Public Transport

  • Second-life battery concepts
  • Opportunity charging of electric buses
  • Peak shaving
  • Primary control reserve

Civil Protection and Security

Planning and Operation Command

  • Design of strategic and operative planning software
  • Software systems for hazard prevention
  • Social media analyses

Infrastructure Management

  • Optimal maintenance planning
  • Concepts for predictive maintenance
  • Simulation of long-term maintenance strategies

Social Media-Based Risk Assessment

  • Evaluation of free data streams with regard to emerging risks
  • Big Data applications

Process Data Analysis

Digital Business Processes

  • Development of digitalization strategies
  • Analysis of data streams
  • Optimization methods using Big Data approaches


  • Robust and dynamic route planning
  • Online optimization under uncertainty
  • Realtime-capable algorithms and systems

Optical Measurement Systems

  • Infrared thermography in human and veterinary medicine
  • Methods of automated data processing