Planning and Operation Command


Mobile Information, Command and Strategy

The MobiKat® system supports the prevention and management of major crisis situations as well as everyday hazard prevention. A focus is put on ensuring mobility. The staff, operations managers and relief forces on site will receive valuable decision support for the efficient planning and execution of safety and rescue measures.




Internet Social Analyser in Natural Disasters

The project's aim is to obtain an overview of the topics that the general public communicates about during times of crisis. Within the scope of the project, a system will be tested and demonstrated that is able to filter the most important topics from the data streams of social networks in order to facilitate strategic decisions.


Interoperability of Data And Procedures in Large-Scale Multinational Disaster Response Actions

The EU project IDIRA, which was coordinated by the Fraunhofer IVI, dealt with the improvement of interoperability in critical communication layers. The large-scale project with 18 partners from 7 countries addressed on-scene commanders and those overseeing the response to a disaster in the command and control rooms as well as strategic and tactical civil protection staff. The IDIRA infrastructure supports them with relevant information from manifold sources for the preparation and response phases.