Communication, Information, Positioning

Communication Technologies and Systems

  • Communication technologies for connecting vehicles, transport infrastructure and other
    • Mobile communications (GSM, UMTS, LTE/LTE-A, NB-IOT, 5G), especially for ITS Intelligent Transport Systems (LTE-V2X & 5G-V2X)
    • WLAN (IEEE 802.11), especially WLAN-11p
    • Wireless sensor networks (IEEE 802.15.4/ZigBee, UWB)
  • Communication protocols
    • IP version 4 and 6, UDP, TCP
    • WLAN-11p: facilities, management, data safety and anonymity
    • Adaptive and hybrid communication


  • Satellite Positioning (GPS, Galileo PRS)
  • Real time Kinematics (RTK)
  • Landmarking
  • Sensor networks with positioning functions
  • Positioning & mapping (SLAM)


  • Sensor data transmission and fusion
  • Communication to support automation features
  • Communication based environment perception & object recognition
  • Maneuver coordination
  • Transport infrastructure & intersection management



  • Requirements description and functional design
  • Formal specification
  • Performance rating based on analyses, simulation and measurement


  • Software for protocol stack
  • Embedded software and hardware
  • Vehicle and infrastructure integration 

Test Systems

  • Development of reference systems
  • Conformance testing
  • Emulation platforms
  • Experimental evaluation
  • Testing solutions for homologation & updates


  • European standardization for Intelligent Transport Systems
  • 5G Standardization