Communication, Information, Positioning

Communication Technologies and Systems

  • Communication technologies for connecting vehicles, transport infrastructure and other
    • Mobile communications (GSM, UMTS, LTE/LTE-A, NB-IOT, 5G), especially for ITS Intelligent Transport Systems (LTE-V2X & 5G-V2X)
    • WLAN (IEEE 802.11), especially WLAN-11p
    • Wireless sensor networks (IEEE 802.15.4/ZigBee, UWB)
  • Communication protocols
    • IP version 4 and 6, UDP, TCP
    • WLAN-11p: facilities, management, data safety and anonymity
    • Adaptive and hybrid communication


  • Satellite Positioning (GPS, Galileo PRS)
  • Real time Kinematics (RTK)
  • Landmarking
  • Sensor networks with positioning functions
  • Positioning & mapping (SLAM)


  • Sensor data transmission and fusion
  • Communication to support automation features
  • Communication based environment perception & object recognition
  • Maneuver coordination
  • Transport infrastructure & intersection management

Selected Projects


IoT-COMMs »Smart Intersection«

  • The great challenge in autonomous driving is the quick and at the same time correct assessment of traffic situations. Support is provided by the cooperative environment perception system of the Smart Intersection. 


  • Cartox² will develop a service platform for generic services of connected and automated driving. The platform will collect and process information on car-2-car connectivity.


  • The project sustainably improves cooperative perception as key technology for safety-relevant time-critical use cases in cooperative automated driving.


  • EVIPOS builds on rapid developments in locating technologies, which are driven by mass markets such as the logistics sector, mobility services and the automotive industry. The project addresses the logistical challenges of rail freight transport. 



  • Requirements description and functional design
  • Formal specification
  • Performance rating based on analyses, simulation and measurement


  • Software for protocol stack
  • Embedded software and hardware
  • Vehicle and infrastructure integration 

Test Systems

  • Development of reference systems
  • Conformance testing
  • Emulation platforms
  • Experimental evaluation
  • Testing solutions for homologation & updates


  • European standardization for Intelligent Transport Systems
  • 5G Standardization