Testing Capacities and Equipment

Laboratory for Communications Systems and Positioning


  • SDR-based GPS signal generators
  • GNSS base and rover (uBlox evaluation kits, ADMA GeneSys)
  • GNSS receiver of various classifications and for various navigation systems (GPS, Galileo, Beidu, Glonass)
  • Javad Sigma-G3T GNSS high-performance receiver for geodetic reference measurements
  • GNSS/IMU evaluation KIT
  • IEEE 802.15.4 ranging and locating kit (2.4 GHz bandwith)

Cellular Radio

  • SDR-based simulation environment of cellular radio systems in shielded laboratory with full protocol stack (GSM, GPRS, UMTS, LTE, NB-IoT, 5G)

V2X Communication

  • IEEE 802.11p V2V evaluation KIT (Cohda Wireless) for protocol-compliant measurement drives with BMW i3

Sensor Network / Sensor Data Fusion

  • Inertial sensor systems (ADMA GeneSys)
  • IEEE 802.15.4 ranging and locating kit (2.4 GHz bandwith) for high-precision energy-efficient indoor and outdoor locating


High Frequency Measurement Technology

  • Network analysis with Rohde&Schwarz ZVCE (20 kHz-26,5 GHz)
  • Spectrum analysis, e. g. with Advantest U3661 (9 kHz-26,5 GHz)
  • Signal analysis, e. g. with Rohde&Schwarz FSIQ26 (20 Hz-26,5 GHz)


  • Antennas and measuring probes
  • Analysis of interference resistance and emission
  • High frequency signal generation, e. g. with Rohde&Schwarz SMIQ06B
  • Synchronous record and play of HF signals up to 40 MHz bandwith with camera signals


  • Transmission channel analysis, e. g. with Software Defined Radio (SDR) NI USRP transceivers
  • National Instruments protocol data loggers and playback system
  • Development environment for measurement, testing and control systems with LabView