Testing Capacities and Equipment

Test Stand for Combustion Engines and Electrical Machines

The test stand is designed for engines of commercial vehicles and for electrical machines with the dimensions of commercial vehicles.

A special feature of the institute's facilities is that it is possible to connect the battery simulators, battery test stand and engine test stand. This way, a serial powertrain and engine test field is created that is very well suited for the development of large hybrid and electric vehicles such as the AutoTram® Extra Grand and the EDDA-Bus.

Engine Test Stand Data

  • Maximum torque of 2400 Nm and continuous torque of 2000 Nm
  • Rotational speed of up to 4000 1/min, or higher with appropriate gear units
  • Up to 400 kW maximum performance – 330 kW continuous performance
  • Application examples:
    • Determination of efficiency and consumption ranges
    • Adaptation of the functional ranges of drive units (start-stop behavior, control behavior)
    • Static investigations (continuous operation)
    • Dynamic loads (load variations, control strategies)

Achievable Testing Conditions

  • Testing environment temperature adjustable from 15 ° C to 40 °C
  • Cold water supply (8 °/14 °C)
  • Facility cooling water (50 °C)
  • Fuel conditioning (pressure between 1 and 6 bar, temperature from 30 °C to 60 °C)
  • Diesel fuel, diesel-like fuels (e. g., 100 % biodiesel) 
  • Electrical power supply: 450 kW

Measuring Equipment Included in the Test Stand

  • HBM T12 torque measurement flange (3000 Nm)
  • Indication analysis chain (pressure sensors for up to 250 bar)
  • Crank angle sensors (Kistler 2614 A, 3600 increments)
  • Analog and digital input and output
  • Temperature sensors (NiCrNi)
  • Pressure sensors (0-16 bar)
  • Coolant flow meters
  • Stationary fuel measuring equipment (SIEMENS)
  • Measuring equipment for electrical currents (1000 A), voltages (1400 V), power, frequency, phases, ripples, etc.