Testing Capacities and Equipment

Test Stand for Traction Energy Storage Units

The test stand is designed for electric storage modules and systems in the voltage range of 50 V to 800 V. Due to the modular concept and the individual configuration options of both testing environment and testing process, customized measuring campaigns can be developed and executed.

A special feature of the institute's facilities is that the battery simulators, battery test stand and engine test stand can be networked. This way, a serial powertrain and engine test field is created that is very well suited for the development of large hybrid and electric vehicles such as the AutoTram® Extra Grand and the EDDA-Bus.

Test Stand Data

  • Networking of up to two electrical loads is possible. As a result, the following maximum currents, continuous performances and maximum performances can be realized:
    • Load 1: 250 A/ 150 kW/ 175 kW for 30 s
    • Load 2: 400 A/ 250 kW/ 275 kW for 30 s
    • Parallel operation: 650 A / 400 kW
    • Voltage of intermediate circuit and batteries: 50 V to 800 V
  • Determination and validation of system characteristics, functional testing
  • Integration of messages received from the battery management system (BMS) and simulation of vehicle responses
  • Static investigations (continuous operation) as well as dynamic loads (load variations)

Achievable Testing Conditions

  • Temperature of testing environment adjustable between 10° C and 30° C (25 kW cooling performance, pre-setting of specific temperature profile is impossible)
  • Test bench: surface area 2500 x 1000 mm; maximum load capacity 1000 kg

Measuring Technology and Test Stand Automation

  • Individually configurable measuring data recording system by National Instruments
  • 70 analog measuring channels (e. g., for U, I, T, …) with a sum sampling rate of 250 kHz
  • 32 digital output channels
  • CAN (control and/or logging)
  • Voltage range of measuring cards: +/- 10 V
  • Current measurement: +/- 300 A or +/- 3000 A
  • Temperature sensors (type M-OK)
  • Voltage measurement: 10 – 1000 V
  • Testing process implemented in Matlab/Simulink for maximum freedom of test plan design, control via DSpace Autobox