Testing Capacities and Equipment

Test Stand for High Current Contacts

The live connection components of battery systems are of equally great importance for safe and low-loss operation than the choice of single cells. Fraunhofer IVI owns a test stand especially designed and constructed for the purpose of characterizing these connection components that allows the measuring and characterization of the resistances within novel welded joints and other cell connectors in general. To achieve this, currents of up to 3000 A can be supplied and resistances determined with a precision of up to 5 µΩ. In addition to resistance determination, the development of hot spots and the total heat emission can be investigated using infrared thermography and integrated into the evaluation of current carrying capacity.

In addition, the entire testing process and the parameters to be recorded can be customized according to customers' demands.

Test Stand Data

  • Current transmission of up to ,000 A
  • Mapping of realistic, dynamic load progressions
  • Sampling rate of the control and measuring signals: 400 Hz to 220 kHz
  • Contact resistances measurable with a precision of up to 5 μΩ (according to the four-terminal sensing method)
  • Automated recording of measuring data via LabView and NI hardware 

Achievable Testing Conditions

  • Test supervision using thermography
  • Automated test series (cycles, impulses, etc.)
  • Free design of testing plans

Measuring Equipment Included in the Test Stand

  • Analog voltage measurement system
  • Current measurement system (ring-type transducer and shunt)
  • Measuring of forces (2 force measurement boxes) up to 1000 N max.
  • Temperature measurement system (PT100)
  • Measurement of the specific (electrical) resistance of metallic materials