Testing Capacities and Equipment

Test Stand for Battery Modules

This test stand allows the fundamental characterization and functional testing of connected cells and small battery modules. This test stand is used especially when clients want to investigate different connection varieties or test a number of cells under identical conditions.

Test Stand Data

  • 1 channel
  • Voltage range:  7 V − 15 V
  • Current range: -180 A − 200 A

Achievable Testing Conditions

  • Characteristics of the climate chamber:
    • Temperature range: -40 °C to 100 °C
    • Range of humidity: 10 % to 95 % relative humidity
    • Testing space volume: 600 l
  • Integration of temperature profiles with variations of up to 3 K/min
  • Realization of standard driving cycles, customer-specific load cycles and pulse tests
  • Integration of control strategies depending on the measuring values and complex algorithms (e. g., state estimation)

Measuring Equipment and Test Stand Automation

  • Voltage measurement (absolute precision 1.0 mV @ 5 V)
  • Current measurement (absolute precision 50 mA @ 300 A)
  • Temperature measurement (absolute precision 0.2 K)
  • Recording of measuring data via NI measuring system (32 AI channels, 4 AO channels, 48 DIO channels, 16-bit measurement resolution)
  • Testing process implemented in Matlab/Simulink for maximum freedom regarding the design of testing plans, control via DSpace Autobox