Facilities and Large Equipment

Large-Scale Test Stands


Mobile Measurement Equipment

  • Measurement equipment for fuel consumption
  • Power and energy balances of vehicles
  • Equipment for measuring vehicle dynamics
  • Measurement equipment and software for analyzing power electronics in traction systems
  • Long-term data acquisition in vehicles
  • Leica VIVA G15 DGPS measurement system 

High-Frequency Measurement Technology

  • Interference analysis
  • Interference resistance and emission
  • EMC shielding tent
  • High-frequency signal generation
  • PROPSim C2 Wideband radio channel simulator
  • FSVR 7 R&S realtime spectrum analyzer (10 Hz-7 GHz)
  • Environment for the testing of radio sensor networks (ZigBee, UWB, Bluetooth LE)
  • Environment for the testing of navigation applications (GPS and INS simulation)