Transportation Systems/Transport Planning

Route Implementation for Electric Buses

Consulting for the Implementation of Electric City Buses

Many public transport providers either want to or have to integrate electrically driven buses into their vehicle fleets. However, not every route is equally suited for this undertaking. With the help of specifically developed analysis tools, the Fraunhofer IVI will identify the routes suited for electrification within any given network and will give a detailed plan for their implementation  

Mobile System for the Delivery of Goods


The competition between food retailers can be very tough. The aim of innovative companies, therefore, should be to develop new customer bases using modern technologies and alternative distribution channels. The m²box mobile delivery system is well-suited for the cost-efficient and largely autonomous delivery of pre-ordered goods.

Traffic Planning and Lifecycle Cost Analyses

Networks and Demand Models 

With the help of up-to-date engineering software, the Fraunhofer IVI develops models of transportation demand and networks for both public and private transport and executes lifecycle cost analyses. Based on these, the institute calculates cost-benefit comparisons for public transport systems, incorporating options of implementing innovative transport systems.