Identification of Traffic Situations

Video Sensor for the Acquisition of Road Traffic Data

Simultaneous recording of data on several lanes

Automated, Adaptive Control of Road Traffic

Conventional methods of traffic data acquisition, such as induction loops and Floating Car Data, have specific disadvantages that can be compensated by the additional application of video sensors. The Fraunhofer IVI developed a sensor that is able to automatically detect common traffic parameters in image sequences.

Survey of Overtaking Maneuvers

New Data for the Overtaking Model

In order to ensure safe overtaking, plans for new roads need to take into account certain parameters such as visual range, vertical curvature and road width. Currently, these parameters are contained in an overtaking model whose data basis is over 50 years old. In order to gain new data for the model, the Fraunhofer IVI and Airclip GmbH were commissioned to record overtaking maneuvers.