Vehicle Energy Storage Systems

Fast-Charging Latent Heat Storage System for Fully-Electric City Buses


Emission-free heating of fully-electric vehicles is currently only possible with a significant reduction in range. In order to solve this problem, the Fraunhofer IVI developed a fast-charging latent heat storage system in the course of the Heat2Go project. The energy is thus no longer supplied by the traction batteries, but by wayside infrastructure. Battery buses that operate by the principle of opportunity charging are now able to absorb all the energy required for a cycle within a few minutes at the terminal stop and without straining the battery during heating mode.


Battery Systems

Reliable Storage Units for Electromobility

Next to the cell chemistry of energy storage systems, the overall »Power Pack System« plays an important role for vehicle construction. The Fraunhofer IVI executes research in all fields of this sector, from cell packaging to battery and thermal management systems, aspects of housing construction as well as the integrated protective circuitry.

AutoTram® High-Tech Demonstrator

Testfahrzeug AutoTram®

Novel Transportation System for the Mobility of Tomorrow

The AutoTram®, a development of the Fraunhofer IVI, is based on a lightweight vehicle design that is similar to a tram in terms of structure. Its greatest advantages are its high transport capacity, its emission-free propulsion system that can be combined according to the specific demands and its lifecycle costs, which lie 30 % to 50 % below those of conventional trams.  

VeloCité E-Bike

Riding Pleasure and Efficiency

Bikes are without doubt the most sustainable means of transport. The e-bike developed within the VeloCité project combines technological innovations in the fields of frame and wheels, propulsion system, performance control and batteries. Through the rigorous functional integration of all components and the consistent lightweight construction, the project partners were able to create a unique design.

Bettery-Preserving and Grid-Sustaining Charging Device

Preserving and Sustaining the Grid

The growing number of electric vehicles and the simultaneous changes happening on the energy market due to the expansion of renewable energies pose a serious challenge to the electrical supply network. The Fraunhofer IVI's charging device takes the condition of the grid into account, recharges the batteries in electric vehicles especially gently and has a grid-sustaining effect at the same time.  

Online Ageing Diagnosis of Polymer Electrolyte Fuel Cells

Analysis of the Chemical Ageing Processes

Fuel cell systems are an option for making traffic more CO2-neutral. Their lifecycle, however, is limited and depends on a number of different influence factors. The solution developed by the Fraunhofer IVI determines the component-specific current ageing status on the basis of recorded fuel cell signals, thus allowing an analysis of the ageing processes occurring inside of fuel cells.