Battery System Development

The success of electromobility depends heavily on the corresponding battery technologies. In addition to the storage units’ cell chemistries, the »rechargeable battery system« plays a crucial role in the construction of electric vehicles. In order for the system to function safely and on a long-term basis, a multitude of tasks need to be executed that belong to different fields such as cell packaging, cell connectors, battery management system and thermal management, as well as case design and integrated safety and protection circuitry.

The Fraunhofer IVI researchers have gained valuable experience and highly specialized know-how in numerous projects in the fields of

  • Testing and characterization of battery cells,
  • Modeling and parameter determination,
  • State estimation,
  • Battery management systems,
  • Case design,
  • Thermal design and
  • Assessment of galvanic high current contacts.

This expertise is available to our clients both for the development of prototypes and for series production.

Safety Concept

Battery systems are safety-relevant vehicle components. Because of their stored energy content, there is always the danger of people being harmed or injured in case of a malfunction. This fact is especially important in the field of public transport.

In order to contain the effects of malfunctions or prevent them altogether, all necessary standards and criteria must be known and observed starting at the conceptual stage. In this respect, it is paramount to ensure functional safety during the potentially dangerous interaction of safe components, even beyond the safety of individual components.

The Fraunhofer IVI has expert knowledge and long-standing experience in this field. In addition, the institute works closely and successfully with regulatory authorities and experts from certification organizations.

The development of battery systems from concept to prototype and pre-series stage, including the approval process, is our guarantee for a safe product.