Traffic Safety in Municipalities

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Assessment of traffic safety: former method (l.): accidents in relation to population; new method (r.): accidents in relation to population, modal split, weather, tourism and traffic areas

With the 2011 Traffic Safety Program, the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure BMVI aims to reduce the number of road deaths by 40% until the year 2020. Among other measures, this requires the identification of unobstrusive areas and their safety potential in order to make them safer through suitable building projects. Methods for the categorization of the classified road network (federal highways, state roads, district roads), as well as intersections, already exist.

The SiGMa project (Statistic Modeling of Accident Probability for the Assessment of Traffic Safety in Municipalities) focuses on the development of safety potentials for statistical municipalities. By modeling the accident occurrence, municipalities with very high accident frequency will be identified and decisive factors influencing the number of accidents will be derived. On the basis of the calculated data and factors, the traffic safety in municipalities will be assessed, providing a data basis for the identification of characteristics and the prioritization of measures as well as the distribution of funding.


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Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure