Data Collection for Traffic Scenario Modeling

Analysis and Investigation Method for All Traffic Scenarios – AIMATS

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Observation of encounters between vehicles and animals

Developed in cooperation with Toyota Europe, AIMATS is a method for collecting traffic data which are used in the modeling of traffic scenarios for assessing vehicle trajectories. These data are currently being collected by on-board systems in Naturalistic Driving Studies (NDS), which require millions of kilometers on roads each year. AIMATS, on the other hand, uses fixed camera systems at defined Points of Interest to monitor traffic. The data collected by these cameras are analyzed and processed for the use in simulation models. AIMATS is a cost-efficient solution for the infrastructure-based monitoring of critical traffic scenarios. Due to the extensive data material, the system is freely scalable und can be applied nationwide.

AIMATS was tested in 2016 during a data collection project, in which the movements of vehicles and animals at wild animals' crossings were recorded. Both normal and critical situations were analyzed. The method has also been applied during a monitoring of intersection scenarios with various participants in 2017. This investigation was used as a basis for the assessment of vehicle safety functions.