TruckTrix® Motion Planning and Control

Motion planning is fundamental for any type of autonomous mobile machine because it enables the machines to move in a real 3D environment.

TruckTrix® ( algorithm family such as TruckTrix® Path, for complex path planning, and TruckTrix® Coop for cooperative motion planning interact perfectly with the helyOS® control tower framework – just plug them in.

TruckTrix® Motion Planning Family Provides a Powerful Solution

TruckTrix® Coop


  • optimize efficiency and enable mobile machine fleets to work together

TruckTrix® Field


  • cover areas with one or even more robots, as in agriculture

TruckTrix® Path


  • reach a specific target position, even if your vehicle is articulated or has to shunt in narrow spaces

Coming Soon

TruckTrix® Control


  • guide your mobile machine along a given track