HandyTicket Deutschland

Ticket Purchase via Mobile Phone

...Convenient, Mobile, Cashless

»HandyTicket Deutschland« was officially released for regular operation in November 2010, marking the end of a three-year test phase. During this test phase, 15 local transportation regions headed by the VDV had introduced the option of purchasing tickets via mobile phone. Together with the industry partners HanseCom and DVB Logpay, the Fraunhofer IVI played a significant role in the system’s design and was responsible for the development of several central system components.  


The overall aim is to increase the attractiveness and economic efficiency of purchasing a ticket for public transport: with »HandyTicket Deutschland«, customers can get information on routes and connections via the integrated interfaces, choose the tickets they need and receive them directly on their mobile phones. They no longer have to rely on conventional ticket machines and can often even buy their tickets at home, so that they can board their buses or trams without any waiting periods, worries about sufficient small change, or paper tickets to be brought.