E-Bike »VeloCité«

Riding Pleasure and Efficiency

In terms of sustainability, bikes are indisputably the most attractive vehicles by far. Except for its very low land use, bike traffic is free of environmental repercussions and provides cost-efficient mobility in urban areas while retaining high flexibility. It also counteracts the effects of our society’s increasing lack of exercise. In the context of micro-electromobility, innovative electric propulsion systems for bikes that are often supplemented by the drivers’ muscle power are paving the way for a paradigm change in future mobility concepts.

Within the funding initiative »Schlüsseltechnologienfür die Elektromobilität (STROM)« (key technologies for electromobility) of the German Federal Ministry for Education and Research, a consortium consisting of small and medium enterprises, engineering companies and different research institutions have developed a novel lightweight e-bike. In contrast to existing e-bikes and pedelecs, this new e-bike is characterized by the synergy of several different technological innovations in the fields frame and wheels, propulsion, power control and battery. The functional integration of components allowed for a modern, unconventional shape and design.

The result of all project partners’ close collaboration is an e-bike, innovative on all levels, falling into the category of so-called S-pedelecs with an electric drive support of up to 45 km/h. The consistent functional integration of all propulsion components, the systematic lightweight construction and the use of modern battery technology are the basis of a unique design. In addition, this S-pedelec with its weight of under 15 kilograms is one of the lightest in its class.