Public Transport Services with Wearable Devices for Different Mobility Types

Guide2Wear is one of eight transnational projects that have been chosen for funding by the European ERA-NET Transport in the flagship call »Future Travelling«. The funding organization of the German part is the Federal Ministry for Transport and Digital Infrastructure (BMVI). 

Project Objectives

Guide2Wear is assessing wearable devices like smart watches or smart glasses and their potential for use in tomorrow’s mobility services. The main focus lies on the implementation of a navigation system for public transport that will demonstrate the use of mobile services for one user group through the example of one wearable device selected within the project. The SMART-WAY technology, which has been developed at the Fraunhofer IVI within an EU-funded project, forms the project’s starting point.

The aims of Guide2Wear are:

  • Improvement of door-to-door travel through the introduction of wearable devices,
  • Identification of user demands and the mobility behavior of different user groups,
  • Evaluation of future scenarios on the basis of novel technologies and
  • Development of a prototype for navigation with the help of wearable devices in public transport.

Tasks and Responsibilities of the Fraunhofer IVI

The Fraunhofer IVI coordinates the consortium, which consists of seven European partners.

In addition, the Fraunhofer team is responsible for the development of the prototype and the subsequent testing and demonstration phase. This also includes the integration of the SMART-WAY navigation technology in the selected wearable device, as well as the adaptation of the navigation technology to the requirements of a wearable device and to specific user requirements, which will be identified in the course of the project. Furthermore, testing and demonstration scenarios for the developed prototype will be constructed.