Battery Management Systems

Dual Energy Storage Systems

Lithium ion cell and double layer capacitor module

Algorithms for Efficient Public Transport

Energy storage systems for public transport have to support highly dynamic performance profiles. Dual energy storage systems consisting of supercapacitors with a high power density and lithium ion cells with a high energy density are ideally suited for this purpose. In order to operate these dual storage systems efficiently, the Fraunhofer IVI develops high-performance control and regulation algorithms.

Energy Management of Hybrid Propulsion Systems

AutoTram® test vehicle
AutoTram® test vehicle

Predictive Strategies for Higher Efficiency

The energy saving potential of hybrid propulsion systems does not only depend on the route and its characteristics, but also on how well the propulsion system is controlled by an energy management system (EMS). Most energy management strategies only consider the storage units' current condition and the requested power. Predictive strategies, in contrast, incorporate additional parameters and are more efficient as a result.