Schedule Information via SMS

Fahrplan.SMS provides current schedule information for a city and/or a larger transport district. Within a simple SMS dialog, customers can request information about the next departures from a certain stop and about the best connection between two stops. It is also possible to obtain information about connections in the future.


Innovative Traffic Management Network

The MOSAIQUE project's aim was to establish an efficient traffic management system in the Central Germany region. Further aims were to improve the quality of traffic flow, to provide better information for the traffic participants and to optimize the underlying processes. The innovative methods developed were demonstrated in the traffic corridor Leipzig-Halle.


Connecting Long and Short Distance Networks for Efficient Transport

Our current transport system is not yet able to realize its full potential regarding energy efficiency, safety and environmental demands. The interfaces between short-distance and long-distance networks often prove to be trouble spots for passengers and freight. Within the CLOSER project, innovative analysis tools were developed for these interfaces and specific recommendations for stakeholders were given.

Weather Extremes

Impacts on Transport Systems and Hazards for European Regions

As a consequence of the climate change, extreme weather conditions will be more frequent and more extreme in the future. Therefore, the WEATHER project's aim was to analyze the costs that arise within European transport systems due to climate change and to develop concepts for reducing these costs through sustainable policies.