Fraunhofer Application Center »Connected Mobility and Infrastructure«

The Fraunhofer Application Center »Connected Mobility and Infrastructure« focuses on current and future topics of automated and cooperative driving. By means of wayside protection systems and a high-performance car-2-infrastructure communication, safety risks of partially and fully automated traffic flows should be reduced and overall traffic become more efficient.

Diverse competences in the fields of sensor technology, communication and artificial intelligence are combined, fostering synergies with the Technische Hochschule Ingolstadt (THI) as well as the local industry, and aiming for close cooperation with the city of Ingolstadt and its partners. 

Existing research infrastructures at the THI and the Fraunhofer IVI as well as the planned urban test field for intelligent mobility IN2LAB in Ingolstadt will serve as a basis for the application center.

Plans for the coming years include the development of further technology fields in the areas of autonomous systems, digitalization of transport as well as vehicle and road safety.

Application Fields

Infrastructural safety assurance of traffic

  • Cooperative environment perception
  • Vehicle and infrastructure data fusion
  • Interaction with »Vulnerable Road Users«

Traffic control and management

  • Optimization of traffic flows
  • Cooperative maneuvers
  • Analysis of traffic and accident data

Function monitoring of vehicles and infrastructure

  • Measurement systems for condition monitoring
  • Sensor monitoring, detection of defective functions and re-calibration
  • Life cycle prognosis
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Urban Air Mobility and autonomous flight

  • AI-based environmental and situational awareness
  • Intelligent trajectory planning
  • Mission-AI and autopilot


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© Fraunhofer IVI
Traffic circle equipped with intelligent traffic infrastructure

»5Going« Project Kick-Off 

February 16, 2022

After two years of conceptualizing their project together with partners from science, industry and administration, the city of Ingolstadt was able to procure funding within the scope of the 5G innovation competition of the German Federal Ministry for Digital and Transport (BMDV) to ensure its implementation.

Within the »5Going« project, an »Open Innovation Lab« will be created for operating 5G technologies in the traffic sector. The aim is to significantly increase the safety and sustainability of road traffic as a whole by employing intelligent 5G-based networks, camera and Lidar systems, as well as cloud solutions. In addition to technological challenges, socially relevant aspects such as support for local businesses and acceptance through citizen participation will be addressed.

The kick-off meeting for the two-year research project was held on February 16, 2022 at Technische Hochschule Ingolstadt. Fraunhofer IVI is involved via its »Connected Mobility and Infrastructure« application center and will coordinate several work packages in the fields of infrastructure development, traffic safety and sustainability.

Selected Projects



Within the scope of the project, a mobile sensor unit has been developed. This sensor unit acquires and analyzes data, thus providing the basis for intelligent infrastructure and enabling the integration of infrastructure data in traffic and risk analyses for connected mobility.


IoT-COMMs »Smart Intersection«

The Smart Intersection cooperative environment perception system gives support for the fast detection and, simultaneously, for the correct assessment of traffic situations required for autonomous driving.


Ingolstadt Innovation Lab - IN2Lab

The most important project objectives include the development of infrastructure sensors for environment perception, V2X communication technologies for networking vehicles, infrastructure and backends, as well as a mission control system for monitoring and control purposes.