Innovation and Tradition: Director Matthias Klingner at »Metzler meets Fraunhofer«

© Stefan Effner

As part of a series of events titled »Innovation and Tradition – Metzler meets Fraunhofer«, Fraunhofer IVI director Prof. Dr. Matthias Klingner visited the Metzler Bank in Frankfurt am Main on February 5th, 2020. With Jürgern Pieper, who is responsible for the German auto sector at Metzler Capital Markets, he discussed how the energy turnaround and mobility can be combined. Amongst other topics, they also spoke about the chances and risks of autonomous driving. The interview was opened by a presentation that Prof. Klingner held on mobility trends. 

The series of events started in 2014 and offers select Metzler business partners and clients exclusive insight into socially and economically significant technological processes in the form of a business lunch. This provides a platform for dialogue between researchers and practitioners and can spark new ideas for developing adequate business strategies for the future.

Minister Visits the autartec® House

Brandenburgian Minister Jörg Steinbach learns about future living concepts

© Fraunhofer IVI
Minister Jörg Steinbach at the autartec® house

February 6, 2020

During a visit of the Lusatian Lake District, the Brandenburgian Minister for Economic Affairs, Labour, and Energy, Jörg Steinbach, also visited the autartec® house at the Lake Bergheide. Fraunhofer IVI director Matthias Klingner used the technology demonstrator, which was completed in 2019, to point out how alternative energy concepts and a modern living culture can bring about new ways of life on both land and water. Working towards the redesign of this former mining region, the vision to develop the autartec® house into a settlement with several lakeside and floating houses is just one of the many ideas that are open for discussion.

With its unconventional look and the semi-self-sustaining energy and water supply, the building is an enrichment to the Lusatian Lake District and made a great impression on Minister Steinbach. The solutions from the autartec® project are also suitable for the use in other development areas that are still lacking the necessary infrastructure, for instance the connection to water and electricity supply. The floating house thus becomes a lighthouse in the regional development, striving towards a landscape that will become attractive for both residents and tourists.

From A to B – Relaxed and Eco-Friendly

Collaborative project »SteigtUM« develops emission-free transport concept

© TU Bergakademie Freiberg

January 27, 2020

The research project will create a cost-effective rental service offering cargo bikes and electric scooters for everyday use. Designated users are students of the TU Freiberg and the general public, who can move through the city and the university campus in a comfortable and eco-friendly way. The first tests are planned for 2020. In addition to the TU Bergakademie Freiberg and the Fraunhofer IVI, apromace data systems GmbH from Freiberg and the TU Braunschweig have joined the consortium.

Until the year 2023, the project will receive a funding of 4.9 million euros for its research and testing by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research within the priority area »Individual and adaptive technologies for a connected mobility – 2nd phase«.