New H2-Electric Bus from Germany

Experts in buses and propulsion systems are working on modular bus design with fuel cells

February 6, 2019

Everybody is talking about clean mobility solutions. The demand for innovative electric propulsion concepts is increasing. This is the perfect moment to expand the bus market by an attractive offer 'made in Germany'. For this new vehicle series, the Berlin-based ELO Mobility GmbH is collaborating with fuel cell manufacturer HyMove (Arnheim), the vehicle engineers of WS Consulting (Augsburg), the Fraunhofer Institute for Transportation and Infrastructure Systems (Dresden) and BTS Bus Trailer Service (Oberweira), among others. The project is led by the Engineering Center of ELO Mobility in Berlin.

»I really appreciate our diverse and highly specialized team of developers. By combining the hydrogen fuel cell technology with tried and tested yet highly innovative bus concepts, we are able to offer electromobility on the highest level«, says Dr. Henning Heppner, CEO of ELO Mobility. Depending on the local operational demands, transport providers will have different vehicle lengths and energy storage systems at their disposal.

»The international demand is high. However, all project partners would like to see their vehicles operating not only internationally but also in German public transport«, adds André Stephan, Head of Business Development of ELO Mobility. »The project constitutes a special chance for our industry location.« Because of very high customer interest in the pre-series production stage, the team of developers was able to start their work on vehicles of the first model year to be delivered in 2021/22. There is only a small remaining capacity for further commisions in this delivery period.